Premium Honeycomb Sponge 15cm


Honeycomb sea sponges are the most typical sponges in the Mediterranean Sea and are the finest sponge for personal hygiene, it is gently cleansing the skin. Honeycomb the “Monarch of Sponges” is extra soft, springy, exceptionally durable, and long-lasting. It is simply first-class in quality and suitability for showering and bathing, it has high water absorption, and it is highly soft. Our natural brown sea sponge from the Mediterranean region came with a medium size of 8cm, and large size of 15cm.

Rozmiar: 15cm

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Premium Honeycomb Sponge

The sponge is completely biodegradable, extremely durable, and can be used for up to two years. Each sponge has a different, unique shape. Honeycomb is hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin, including children.

Body Care

It creates plenty of fluffy-puffy foaming, which is also recommended for spa massage and body peeling. It improves blood circulation, soothes the skin, with exfoliating power which can revitalize the skin.

Our Honeycomb Sea sponge is packed with a responsibility toward a sustainable packaging recyclable paper pouch.

Back to the source, the Greek divers highly respect the environment following ethical methods of sustainable harvesting by cutting the sponges from their roots and leaving a part of its remains intact to the seafloor, so new sponges can be re-born again. Furthermore, during the harvesting they squeeze the sponges which cause the seeds to drop and allow new sponges to grow in the next months and years. Each sponge is handpicked and inspected multiple times to ensure your satisfaction.

How to use Honeycomb natural sea sponge?

Soak the honeycomb sponge with water before use. Only in contact with the water, the sponge becomes very soft and delicate. After the first wetting and drying, the sponge increases its volume by 10-15% and takes on its final shape.