What is the Story of StyleItaliano group?!


Style Italiano recipe for successful dental procedures

The Style Italiano movement emerged from a simple idea of two friends – Walter Devoto and Angelo Putignano. The recognized experts in conservative and aesthetic dentistry had observed that materials allowing for the creation of beautiful direct restorations were available, but there was a lack of appropriate concepts for their successful use.

Anyone who wanted to imitate natural teeth in a perfect way needed artistic skills, creativity, and lots of time to practice.

  • Since time is a scarce resource in every dental office, the two friends decided to develop simplified techniques that enable every dentist to obtain impressive results with direct composite materials.
  • Their practical suggestions are based on clear and precise ideas that help dentists face their own daily challenges in their dental office.

All concepts have three things in common:


With the materials available on the market as INGREDIENTS and the Style Italiano techniques as RECIPES, it becomes easy for dental practitioners to obtain the desired results. Every step in the procedure is described in a detailed way in order to make sure that it is copied and implemented easily.

Instead of suggesting materials of a specific manufacturer, Style Italiano offers an independent perspective and understanding of the materials’ use – based on scientific research and personal experience.


We share our knowledge and spread our ideas with passion – both as lecturers teaching around the world and as authors on our online platforms. Apart from this website, we run facebook pages for restorative dentistry and endodontics and a facebook community.

As we believe that our techniques can only be used successfully by our colleagues if they are easily comprehensible, we develop teaching content that is transparent and understood without effort. In this context, we leverage our more than 20 years of experience in teaching dentistry to create a unique learning experience.


The techniques, ideas and suggestions we develop must be useful to and replicable for any dental practitioner, independent of his or her individual skills. Based on this insight, it became clear to us that we needed the feedback of our community and – even more daring – wanted to encourage our members to share their own ideas. Hence, we started to establish platforms that allow for multidirectional communication and knowledge sharing. This experiment turned out to be extremely engaging and exciting!

Style Italiano became a team of professionals who support each other and help others improve, always showing them that “YOU can do what WE do”. News, articles and cases are published by our members every week. Non-members are invited to submit their own case for publication at the community page of this website.

For more information you can visit the official website https://www.styleitaliano.org