Power of Science and Nature devoted to YOU.

We believe that oral care is a superpower and a major contributor to your health and daily lifestyle. It’s the path of finding the finest version of yourself, peace of mind, fulfilment, and well-being with satisfaction.

You&You® is a pure passion for quality, through connecting dental science with the power of nature, born out of the ambition to find new solutions, to deliver like-no-other daily-care experience.

We always work to find new innovative solutions, delivering a better oral hygiene experience and creating a world full of quality and goodness. We always aim to develop and create highly safe-clean products and give you phenomenal results that exceed your expectations.

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Whitening & Total Care

Passion. Science. Nature.

At You&You® we transformed the classical oral routine care, into the must-want superb-premium experience. We practiced that based on the pillars of our experiences, and knowledge with help of the science, ecological solutions, and innovative technology, combined with transparency and high ethical standards.

All our formulas, starting from the idea to the final concept and product have been designed and formulated by us, just to ensure that the quality that you will receive and the experience that we that aim to deliver, will be phenomenal and spectacularly satisfying.

Proudly a Polish brand, we cooperate with well recognized laboratories, reliable sub-contractors, and trustworthy raw materials suppliers in the region. We transparently share our research results and certify our formulas with accredited reputable institutions, because we believe that we all deserve the best.

Passion. Science. Nature.

Quality. Performance. Sustainability.

Development. Solution. Quality.

We focused on the products that accompany us every day because these are the ones that matter the most. We don’t compromise or give-up on quality.

We continuously, largely invest in education and R&D to set highest standards of quality and meet the promising niche demands of our clients.

We also invest in testing and certifying our highest quality, with the most reputable laboratories and institutions, to meet the right functionality.

All the of products are manufactured and certified with accredited good manufacturing practice ISO22716. This system assures that our products are consistently produced and controlled accordingly to quality standards.

Minimalism. Safety. Hygiene.

Why we started by designing a series of oral care products?

Products for oral hygiene and dental care have enormous importance for our health, because we need them very often, it is a daily necessity and must-have products. They are considered a necessary investment in conditioning our teeth. This self-investment brings you meaningful benefits in the long run.

In You&You® When we develop and create our own signatured formulas and products, we always deeply research to find and use the finest, highest quality raw materials, for that our formulas don’t include any harmful ingredients that have side effects or adversely affect health or on the environment.

Our customer’s expectation is one of our main goals, because we always aim to deliver what we promise.

Our professional oral care products are based on modern scientific solutions, work effectively, and the results are always guaranteed with us. It responds to the most important needs of dental hygiene in today's world.

We believe that “less is more” and always we ensure that all the products work perfectly, in harmony together. It’s a custom collection of highly premium affordable products for dental and oral care.

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    Whitening & Total Care

    Sustainability. Ecology. Cruelty-free.

    Our Products aren’t only a daily investment in yourself, but it’s also an investment in the environment, with our products you are also helping to save the planet with the animal kingdom, a self-announcement of being cruelty-free and nature-friendly, it's a self-claim for standing, supporting ecological solutions that help to avoid any impact of climate change.

    It is your primary action and clear message to keep our planet safe and clean, to make our tomorrow better.

    At You&You® we take ecological possibilities very thoughtfully. Our long-term goal is to become one of the most endurable, sustainable professional brands in oral care industry.

    The tubes are made of HDPE (high-density polyethylene) and enriched with the EVOH barrier. Thanks to innovative partner, they are ready for recycling without creating unnecessary impurities. We obtain as much as 97% of recyclable ingredients, which is highly ecological and environmentally friendly.

    We are using sustainable carton box packaging certified by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) state “that we unite businesses, under a common goal: protecting healthy, resilient forests for all, forever”

    We handle and recycle our packaging with Rekopol S.A. a polish recycling organization that ensures efficient recycling program to manages packaging waste.

    Thanks to the cooperation with Rekopol, together we aid in protecting our environment.

    The energy used in the production of our products is from renewable energy sources, and thereby supporting the wider use of renewable energy sources.
    All our formulas are 100% vegan and certified by the world's most recognized worldwide Vegan Association (Vegan Society International).
    All our formulas are 100% Cruelty free and certified by the world's most recognized worldwide Cruelty free organization (PETA international).
    We are currently working on new formulations, and refill packs to extend the life of our packaging.

    We believe that oral hygiene and care is a superpower and one of the main factors affecting your health and everyday lifestyle.

    Who is behind You&You?

    YOU&YOU® has been founded by a Kurdish dentist, in his previous practices at governmental/private dental clinics and treating hundreds of patients, he developed a huge passion for the self-care and oral-care industry, spent over ten years in managing personal businesses with different well-known brands of oral care and medical devices with delivering and meeting the expectations of many dentists and consumers.

    From his own life experience, he sees that many people can’t achieve their goals due to different influences such as the territory, race, gender, or region they are from, the impact of these clouts transformed to be a barrier that force people to step down on their goals or dreams.

    After his beloved mother’s passing, he chose to move to Poland, to hold on and not give up making his dream come true, calling it as a “land of opportunity”, he decided to continue his journey through the way his mother had been always doing “caring and helping others”.

    YOU&YOU® is a continuation of caring about people in need of opportunity and support. It exists to spread science with education, the spirit of goodness, equality with quality, adding value into people’s lives, meeting expectations, and offering mutual respect to each other.


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    Quality Control

    All the You & You. products are manufactured and certified with accredited Good manufacturing practice ISO22716. This system assures that our products are consistently produced and controlled accordingly to quality standards.