We are here,

for You…

We do believe that personal care is the superpower of feeling self-better, thinking wiser and acting stronger. Our goal is to develop unique, ethically and naturally sourced formulas that will allow you to bring out your unique beauty and inspire you to make conscious, caring choices. We are here to spread the power of equality, self believes, and keep the hopes alive to achieve the impossible. Because no matter what you are facing & struggling with right now, there will be always a stronger standing, first and foremost it comes by committing to self belief and self-care.

Our Purpose

  • To inspire by & awaken everyone’s self-potential.
  • To create a world full of care, equality & goodwill.
  • To save nature, protect the plant & animal kingdom.
  • To uncover the world that is full of self-believers, dream achievers, and care spreaders.

How we will achieve it

Being Creative & Trying for perfection
We achieve success first by the self-belief in our capabilities, later by investing all our energy to create ideas and finding solutions, that can be amazingly possibly close to perfection.

Transparency & Integrity
We follow the transparency in every single step, that reflects our ethical guidelines in dealing with everyone & everything, in addition to operating in accordance with our strong set of moral values.

Inspirations & listening to our customers
Our customers are the main inspiration, we always aim to be their inspirational source as well, by being ready to listen clearly to our customers’ demands and make it like home to create their possibilities and help to solve problems.

Value our partners
We always investigate environments that are only built on hardworking, transparency, mutual respect, which lead us to challenge ourselves and to grow all together at the same time.

We are looking for

Creativity & Perfection
Success is, above all, determination and striving for perfection in every aspect. Creative solutions allow you to create innovation, and thus, change the world for the better. We believe in a never-ending creative process.
Transparency & Integrity
A transparent and honest approach to each aspect of life is the strength of values that are worth cultivating every day.
Inspiration & You
Mutual inspiration comes from listening carefully. You give us the strength to discover new spaces, and we also want to offer you the power of inspiration.

Our principles
Safety & Transparency

We create our formulas with great care and diligence in selecting the most effective and safe ingredients, well trusted raw-material suppliers. Conscious choices of natural ingredients, such as plant extracts and oils, allow us to derive a lot of benefits from them for the health and beauty of our bodies. Many years of research on individual plant components have had a significant impact on the final composition of our cosmetics. We always try to be up to date with the latest discoveries and take into account the positive impact of the wealth of nature on our well-being.

Our products are manufactured under strict dermatological control by independent institutions and laboratories.

Choosing You & You. you can be sure that you have safety in your hands, established by many months of research and excellent test results confirmed accordingly to ISO standards. We are not using artificial colorants in any of our products believing, that nature is the only true artist. All our formulas are free from cruelty and certified by the Vegan Society and Viva for Vegetarians and Vegans. In addition to carefully selected ingredients, we attach great importance to fragrances. We recall memories with refreshing blueberry notes, we remember warm sunsets with sweet argan aromas. Our fragrance compositions are unique and safe, allowing you to feel a touch of freshness, and make each day special.


We attach great importance to the care for the natural environment and holistically take care of the ecological selection of the smallest components of our brand.

We use fully recycled PET bottles. PET is a highly valued packaging material because it is strong yet lightweight, non-reactive, economical, and shatterproof. The safety of PET for food, drink, personal care, pharmaceutical, and medical applications is recognized by health authorities around the world.

We support recycling thanks to cooperation with the Rekopol S.A. Packaging Recovery Organization.

Our toothpastes tubes are called Green; they are not the same mix as regular PBL (Plastic Barrier Laminate), PBL is made of mixed LDPE (Low-density polyethylene)/HDPE (High-Density polyethene), where LDPE is the majority. There is a very narrow or no LDPE recycling stream, so PBL tubes can pollute HDPE stream. For that our tubes is HDPE with EVOH barrier, and it is ready to be recycled in HDPE stream without unnecessary pollution. It scores 97%, which is highly ecological and environmentally friendly.

Quality Control

All the You & You. products are manufactured and certified with accredited Good manufacturing practice ISO22716. This system assures that our products are consistently produced and controlled accordingly to quality standards.

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