Advanced Teeth Whitening Serum 30ml | 1 fl oz

Powered by PAP

  • Effectively Removes Teeth Stains, Reveals a Brighter Smile.
  • Enhanced with Extra Whitening Technology of PAP.
  • Super Gentle on Teeth.
  • Safe for Daily Whitening.

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Discover a ground-breaking tooth whitening serum designed for those who demand the best.

  • Step up your teeth-whitening game with You&You BluGlaze Whitening Teeth Serum—a true revolution in oral care.
  • See a remarkable difference with visibly whiter teeth and effective stain removal, starting from the first application.
  • Engineered with PAP technology for stain-lifting action, and further boosted by potassium nitrate to ensure enamel-safe brightening.
  • Presented in an airless pump bottle, ensuring each application is fresh and precisely measured.
  • Designed to be gentle on your teeth, devoid of abrasive agents.
  • Completely peroxide-free and foam-free for your comfort and safety.
  • Purity uncompromised: Our formula is free from alcohol, triclosan, and SLS.
  • Committed to being Vegan & Cruelty-free.

Direction of Use:

  • Prime the airless pump: firmly press airless pump “repeatedly” until serum is dispensed for the first time.
  • Add the serum to the top of your daily toothpaste “or” directly onto your toothbrush.
  • Brush thoroughly, let it sit briefly on your teeth, then rinse well, and enjoy your smile.
  • Don’t Swallow. Keep out of reach of children under 6 years old.
  • For best results, use twice daily.


Experience a Radiant Smile Transformation: Our cutting-edge PAP Extra Whitening Technology effortlessly eradicates tough teeth stains, unveiling a brighter, more captivating smile.

Ultimate Whitening, Zero Compromise: With our advanced PAP formulation, achieve exceptional whitening results that are not just effective but also incredibly gentle on your teeth.

Elevate Your Daily Ritual: Crafted for daily use, our whitening solution prioritizes your safety while ensuring consistent, dazzling results.

Refine your teeth whitening routine with BluGlazeTM It’s more than just a whitening

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Phthalimidoperoxycaproic acid (PAP) is an organic compound with bleaching properties. In recent years, it has gained attention as a potential alternative to traditional teeth-whitening agents, such as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide.

The use of PAP in teeth whitening products stems from its ability to break down into hydrogen peroxide and other active species that can bleach teeth. PAP is considered to be a more stable compound compared to hydrogen peroxide, which may provide certain advantages in formulation stability.

Like other teeth-whitening products, the safety and possible side effects of PAP are important considerations. Its concentration and duration of contact with teeth play a role in its effectiveness and safety. It’s essential for any dental product’s benefits to be greater than its risks.

In our formula of BluGlaze, we utilize minimal percentages of PAP, reinforced with fluoride and anti- sensitivity agents. This combination ensures the safest and most effective gradual teeth whitening over time.

A common chromogen in extrinsic tooth discolouration is polyphenols. These organic molecules are found abundantly in various coloured foods and beverages (including tea and red wine). They can be oxidised by peroxyacids to quinones and then potentially undergo further rearrangement reactions.
• Traditional dental bleaching using HP or CP relies on free radicals, which oxidise organic pigments (chromogens). As these are converted into simpler or different structures, their optical properties change.

  • Free radicals are unstable because they have an unpaired electron. To become stable, they will react with conjugated systems of unsaturated organic compounds. This breaks down the chromogens into simpler molecules in a redox reaction.
  • When using PAP, oxidation reactions also occur, which decolourise chromogens. The process involves epoxidation of molecules containing conjugated double bonds.
  • But with PAP this reaction occurs without the formation of free radicals. This is an important point since the free radicals are believed to be the primary cause of tooth sensitivity and gingival irritation during conventional tooth bleaching with HP and CP.
  • A range of molecules can serve as chromogens and cause intrinsic discolouration of vital teeth. There is a range of the reactions whereby PAP could alter chromogens effectively.

Advantages of PAP compared to other teeth-whitening agents:

  • Stability; PAP is more stable, benefiting product formulation.
  • Reduced Sensitivity; PAP-based products may cause less tooth sensitivity.
  • Effective Whitening; PAP can offer effective bleaching possibly at lower concentrations.
  • Soft Tissue Safety; Potentially less irritating to gums and soft tissues.
  • Zero Free Radicals; PAP is known for its non-radical mechanism. It helps in whitening teeth
    without the level of enamel erosion or tooth sensitivity often associated with free radicals generated by other bleaching agents.

Blu; Evokes the color blue, symbolizing purity, freshness, and a pristine appearance. It reflects our commitment to giving you a clean, fresh smile.

Glaze; Conjures the image of a protective, shiny layer. It emphasizes our serum’s ability not only to whiten but to provide a lustrous shine and protective finish to your teeth, ensuring lasting beauty and health.

Together, “BluGlaze” encapsulates our promise to deliver a radiant, fresh, and protected smile.