Gum Guardian™ Postbiotic Mouth-Foam


Gum & Probiotics Mouth-Foam 150ml | 5 fl oz Bottle + Foamier

Powered by Inulin + Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) + CPC.

  • Promotes gum health & microbiota balance.
  • Provides superior gingival protection.
  • Neutralizes odours for lasting freshness.


  • Melon Fusion (Watermelon + Strawberry + Mint)
  • Kiwi Breeze (Kiwi + Apple + Peppermint)

Without Alcohol, Paraben, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS).

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GUM GUARDIAN™ Postbiotic Mouth-Foam

What is MouthFoam?

What is MouthFoam? MouthFoam is a convenient, on-the-go oral care solution that fits perfectly into your busy lifestyle. Ideal after meals or drinks, it’s the hassle-free alternative to brushing when you’re in a hurry or out and about.

MouthFoam not only freshens breath but also cares for your gums and mouth with a pleasing taste — great for those with orthodontic appliances. Quick, effective, and tasty, It is your go-to for a clean, fresh smile anytime, anywhere.

Say goodbye to gum problems and bad breath. Our expertly crafted foaming mouth-foam with Prebiotics is your daily defence against gum bleeding, offering unmatched anti-bacterial action and long-lasting freshness.

How to use:

  • Shake the bottle before use.
  • Press to release foam into mouth.
  • Rinse your mouth with foam for 30-60 seconds.
  • Spit out the foam, do not swallow.
  • It is recommended to use twice a day.

Note: For maximum effectiveness, avoid rinsing your mouth with water immediately after use and do not eat or drink for 30 minutes after use.

Step into a new dimension of oral health with our game-changing Postbiotic Mouth-Foam

Simple – Quick – Efficient

  • Effective Gum Protection, elevate your oral hygiene with targeted gum care.
  • Anti-Bacterial Action fights harmful bacteria to maintain a healthy oral environment.
  • Long-Lasting Freshness, experience hours of invigorating freshness in just one rinse with Postbiotic Mouth-Foam.
  • Soothes Irritation, our formula effectively soothes and reduces gum irritation.
  • Optimized pH Balance maintains the natural balance of your mouth for optimal gum health.
  • Purity uncompromised as our formula is free from alcohol, triclosan, and SLS.
  • Committed for being Vegan & Cruelty-free.

Elevate your oral care routine with GUM GUARDIAN™ Postbiotic Mouth-Foam

It’s more than just a mouth-foam,

Microobiotan in OralI & Personal Care Industry


a selective food supplement for our protective and beneficial skin microbiota. Harmful microorganisms cannot metabolize the prebiotic. Hence the oral flora is reinforced and balanced, while the harmful microorganisms are disadvantaged.


Living bacteria. Promising results in pre-clinical trials. Because of the presence of living microorganisms, technological, stability and safety concerns limited their use.

Our oral health is initially shielded by Streptococcus salivarius (Protector + Regulator), a vital bacterium that establishes itself in our mouths early on and provides us with lifelong protection. This beneficial bacterium is one of the first to colonize our oral environment, paving the way for the health of our mouth.

With the emergence of teeth, species such as S. mutans and S. sanguis begin to inhabit the hard surfaces within our mouths. Ultimately, our oral cavity becomes a diverse ecosystem, home to approximately 700 species that thrive at a neutral pH, working in harmony to preserve our oral well- being. It is the regulatory role of S. salivarius, in particular, that helps to sustain and restore balance within this complex community, ensuring our mouths remain healthy.

pRE-BIOTICS is a polyfructose derived from chicory root (Cichorium Intybus) and specially purified with a chain length of 10 fructose units or more. Ideal for promoting oral care health. And it is a Vegan ingredient.

Chronic diseases and hypertension have been linked to disruptions in the oral microbiome. Prebiotics contribute to oral health by restoring balance to these microbial communities. They also aid in managing the bacteria that can cause halitosis, or bad breath.

pOST-BIOTICS Also known as metabiotics, biogenics, or simply metabolites, these are soluble factors (metabolic products or byproducts) secreted by live bacteria or released after bacterial lysis, providing physiological benefits to the host.

A PRE-biotics acts as a selective nutrient for our protective and beneficial oral microbiota. Harmful bacteria within the mouth are unable to metabolize the prebiotic. Consequently, the natural oral flora is fortified and balanced, while the growth of harmful bacteria is inhibited:

  • Prevention of stomatitis, gingivitis; supportive Prevention for aphthous ulcers and peri- implantitis; daily care for sensitive gums.
  • Prevention of gum bleedings; with antioxidant benefits that protect against oxidative stress.
  • Prevention of bad breath; maintenance of oral mucosa microflora balance; protection against colonization by oral pathogens; support for cavity prevention; prevention of dental plaque formation.
  • Resilience against external aggressors; normalization of oral health; restorative action on gingival tissue; prevention of gum diseases.

We recommend using with: